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by Hector Horeau, 1841

Amada (Hassaya) Temple

Amada (Hassaya, Hassaia or Ammadon) Temple in Nubia was built by order of Pharaoh Thuthmosis III (18th Dynasty, c.1450 BC) and added to by other Pharaohs of the 18th and 19th dynastys. The temple was dedicated to Amun-Re and Re-Horakhty. Amada - Hassaya Temple was moved 2 miles west to avoid flooding by the Aswan High Dam. Purists will be pleased that the strange looking cupola on the roof in these pictures, a product of the early Christians, has been removed.

The two level arched cupola appears to be landing on the temple at Hassaya-Amada.
The Temple of Amada (Hassaya),
by David Roberts, 1838

Amada Phre art from the Champollion expedition, 1835

Amada - Hassaya Temple

Excerpt from: Travels in Nubia
by John Lewis Burckhardt
Published in 1819.

March 25th, 1813.
At one hour and a half from where I slept is a place near the river called Hassaya (Amada), where a village formerly stood. Here are the ruins of a small temple. The pronaos is sixteen paces in length, and consists of three rows of columns two feet square, four in each row, with a row of four round ones near the cella. All of the columns are without capitals.

the temple at Hassaya / Amada.
The Temple of Amada (Hassaya),
by François Chrétien Gau, 1819

The hieroglyphics are badly sculpted, the (scarab) beetle is the figure most frequently met with on the columns. The pronaos is encompassed by a wall which fills up the intervals between the outer rows of columns. The cella is entered from the pronaos through a narrow chamber. On either side of the cella is an apartment, equal to it in depth, but narrower. There is no adytum. The walls of the cella have a thick coat of plaster, on which are paintings of Greek saints. The temple is interesting on account of its preservation, being almost entire, but the sands have accumulated considerably round its walls and columns.

the simple temple at Hassaya / Amada.
Cross section of The Temple of Hassaya / Amada,
by François Chrétien Gau, 1819

There is a well paved terrace on the top of the cella, and the Greeks had built a cupola over the pronaos. I believe this to be the temple mentioned by Norden as situated near Amada. About twenty yards distant from it, towards the river, are the foundations of another stone edifice.

Excerpted from: Travels in Nubia
by John Lewis Burckhardt
Published in 1819.

by Salvador Cherubini 1832-44.Horus, by Salvador Cherubini 1832-44.

Hassaya Amada Temple

(left) Queen, (right) Horus,
both by Salvador Cherubini, 1832.
(above) Phre receives blessings from Thoth and Horus,
From the Champollion Expedition, 1835

The Pharaoh and Queen embrace at the Temple of Amada (Hassaya).
by Ernst Weidenbach, 1842-45.

by Prisse d'Avennes, 1878

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