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The Valley Temple of Seti I

Seti I (Sethos) built his greatest temple at Abydos, but he also built in the Western desert of Thebes, just beyond the reach of the Nile's annual flood, in a place known as Kourna or Qurna. Valley temples continued the worship of a Pharaoh after death, without the need to involve the actual tombs, safely (they believed) hidden in the canyons further west.

Temple of Seti, Western Thebes
by Weidenbach, 1850

19th Century photograph of Seti I's Temple
by Henri Bechard

Bringing gifts to the Temple of Seti I.
From the Champollion Expedition, 1835

Seti's Temple by Vivant Denon.

Plan of Seti's Temple
by George Erbkam, 1850

Read Giovanni Belzoni's description of the discovery and exploration of Seti I's tomb located just over the hills from his temple: Tomb of Seti
wings of the Sun.

Temples of West Thebes
in the western desert,
New Kingdom pharaohs built great temples
for the everlasting worship of themselves.

Amenhotep III Memnon
Rameses III Medinet Habu
Rameses II Ramesseum
Seti I - Kourna
Queen Hatshepsut Deir el Bahari
Temples of the Craftsmen Deir el Medina

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