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Queen Nefertari's Tomb
in the Valley of the Queens

Nefertari tomb, photo from the Yorck Project

Queen Nefertari Meritmut, favorite wife of pharaoh Ramesses II, was the patron of a temple at Abu Simble. Her tomb in the Valley of the Queens is a beautiful example of New Kingdom art. The next eight pictures below are hand colored photographs from the book "Book of the Dead and Elysian Fields" published in Egypt in the early twentith century.

Queen Nefertari and her Ba.

Queen Nefertari with Senet, a board game.
Modern photograph from the Yorck Project.

Plan (in French) of the tomb of Nefertari, by Gerard Ducher, CreativeCommons.
Her husband, Ramesses II, does not appear anywhere in Nefertari's tomb.

Secrets of the Valley of the Queens

The beautiful tomb of Nefertari

Queen Nefertari's temple at Abu Simbel

wings of the Sun.

A series of engravings of New Kingdom Queens:
Valley of the Queens

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