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One of the greatest mysteries of archaeology is the apparent sudden rise of Egyptian civilization, from simple villages to the building of the pyramids in around a couple centuries. This culture then ebbed and flowed for three thousand years, never again reaching the pinnacle of its early achievements. It is reasonable, then, to wonder if we have all the information, if perhaps below the deep silt of the Nile Delta or the shifting sands of the Western Desert are the remains of a lost advanced culture, perhaps a missing link to Atlantis.

The Ancient Greek philosopher Plato told a tale,
said to be from Egypt, of a highly evolved culture on a large island in the Atlantic, that was destroyed or sank about 12,000 years ago. (This just happens to match the end of the Ice Age, when sea level rose about 200 feet, although it is today assumed that it rose slowly.)
Our Egyptian Secrets Library has the relevant portions of Plato's work. The earlier portion, from "Critias" is short and easily understood. It talks about the cycles of time and the war between Athens and Atlantis: Plato's Critias Excerpts. The second portion, from "Timaeus", is a flowery description of the island, and is not very interesting: Timaeus

The Bermuda Triangle -
home to lost ships and strange energy effects, is perhaps a relic of the disaster.
Strange animal migrations
that may point to a lost land, perhaps Atlantis.
The Atlantis story can be seen
as a myth of the fall of Heaven and rise of the Underworld, similar to the Australian Dreamtime. by Alan F Alford
Rand Flem-Ath
has a theory that Atlantis was in Antarctica. Has some strong points. . . (such an interesting thought that this giant ancient civilization is buried under the ice. Sadly it would be mostly under water, but still - what a find that would be!)
More Atlantis in Antarctica:

Abu Simbul Temple
Entrance to the Temple at Abu Simbul, South Egypt.
This enormous temple, carved out of the hillside,
was raised to prevent its' being flooded by the rising waters from Aswan Dam.
By David Roberts, 1849.

The Destruction of the Great Library at Alexandria, Egypt.The Library was founded in the Late Period by Pharaoh Ptolomy II Soter (ruled 288 - 246 BCE), and soon became a major center of learning.
Books in ancient times were copied by hand. Only a few copies of any book were in existance. So the burning of the greatest library in the ancient Mediterranean destroyed a large portion of human knowledge. Did the Alexandria Library contain documents from Atlantis? Probably not, the writers of the day would be aware of them. But the view from there would likely be better than the view of those events that we have today, and perhaps some of the knowledge spoken of by Plato percolated those few miles north to Alexandria.
Ancient Manuscripts
from the Desert Libraries of Timbuktu, Mali, Africa.
It is traditional in Mali for families to own private libraries, heirloom treasures that often are so old their language cannot be read. Slowly some of these books were becoming available to scholars but violence in the area is threatening them.
Also from Mali are the Dogon people
who have ancient knowledge of the hidden companion stars of Sirius, a major shock to scientists. The Dogon may be heirs of Ancient Egypt and therefore of what came before. Dogon article: from Sphinx Group
Gobekli Tepe
A recently discovered temple in South Turkey has opened the Atlantis debate anew. This 9000 year old site, twice as old as the Pyramids, contains over 200 finely carved stone pillars weighing several tons each. Gobekli Tepe info.
Edgar Cayce,
an American psychic who lived from 1877 to 1945, gave thousands of readings concerning people's previous lives and the effects those lives were having on the present. Frequently those lives were in Atlantis and a cohesive picture emerged of this now forgotten part of Human history. The story he gives is fantastic but it fits very well with what has already been presented here.

Edgar Cayce puts the origin of the human race at about 10 million years ago. At this time souls were drawn to material existence and were enveloped by it, forgetting their true (free) nature.

Technological development took place rapidly in a land mass in the North Atlantic Ocean, until a time when great power was concentrated to rid the land of large and dangerous animals that were considered a peril to man's continued existence.

Whether as part of this defense effort or simply to provide material goods and comforts, problems developed with the energy system:
"...there was the creating of the high influence of radial activity from rays of the Sun, that were turned on crystals in the pits, that made connections with internal influences of the Earth." (263-4; July 21, 1934)

(It takes some time to adjust to the strange tone of the Cayce readings, which were given in a trance state. It is said that in a previous life in prehistoric Egypt, Edgar Cayce was a high priest, and perhaps it is helpful to envision this priest consulting the Akashic Records in answer to the questions posed to him. The numbers following the readings refer to the questioner, the sequential number of that reading for the particular questioner, and the date the reading was given.)

The results of this connecting of Solar and Earth energies about 50,000 years ago were enormous volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, destroying much of the continent and setting back the clock of civilization.

Far from being a paradise, Atlantis was deeply divided into two groups, known in the Cayce readings as the Sons of the Law of One (the good guys) and the Sons of Belial (people stuck in selfish materialism). A further complication was the use of slaves, considered "things" by some and worthy humans deserving of every care by the others.

A second rise of technology was followed by war between the two factions. This caused a second destruction about 30,000 years ago, which broke the continent into a series of islands:
" turning into destructive channels those influences of infinite power as were being gained from the elements as well as from what is termed spiritual or supernatural powers in the present. Entity (the questioner) wavered between choices and when the destruction came about by the use of those rays as were applied for beneficial forces, Entity misapplied ability -- hence the influence of atomic energies or electrical force of any nature becomes a channel for good or bad today." (1792-2; Feb. 11, 1939)

It is probable that there were great differences in the cultures of the three periods of Atlantian history, and probably each populace believed themselves superior to the last and was certain that they would not make the mistakes the others had. But there was a third rise and a third fall, this last civilization ending about 12 thousand years ago. It was this catastrophe that was reported by Plato and, this time, there was nothing left to rebuild.

Refugees from Atlantis emigrated to several places, including Egypt. There, on the Nile Delta they established a colony, eventually creating a high culture for a time. (The ruins of buildings ten thousand years old on the Egyptian Delta would be under so much sediment that it will likely be a long time before ground penetrating radar could locate them.)

This chronology from Edgar Cayce fits fairly well with the Egyptian's own stories of the times of the Gods (Atlantis) and Companions of Horus (unknown pre-historic civilization on the Delta). The time given for Atlantis also coincides with the time of Cro-Magnon Man, Homo Sapiens with refined features and a larger brain than we have today.

Cayce places the building of the Pyramid and Sphinx in the first (now lost) Egyptian civilization, about 12,000 years ago. If we accept Geologist Robert Schoch's analysis of the weathering of the Sphinx and Sphinx Temple then this date is credible. The Pyramid referred to, perhaps, may be seen in the large stones at the base of Chephren's Pyramid, allowing the currently standing pyramids to be the work (mostly) of historical Egypt, as the archeologists insist.

The most intriguing portions of the Cayce readings regarding Egypt are the several mentions that a great Hall of Records was carefully placed near the Sphinx, and awaits discovery:
"A record of Atlantis from the beginning of those periods when the spirit took form, or began the encasements in that land; and the developments of the peoples throughout their sojourn; together with the record of the first destruction, and the changes that took place in the land ..... that are as copies from the sunken Atlantis. For with the change it must rise again.

...The Sphinx ... was set later as the sentinel or guard and which may not be entered from the connecting chambers from the Sphinx's right paw until the time has been fulfilled ... Then it lies between the Sphinx and the river." (378-16; Oct. 29, 1933)

(Quotes of Cayce readings are from "Edgar Cayce on Atlantis" by his son, Edgar Evans Cayce.)

The sky goddess, Nut, spans the heavens
Nut, the sky goddess from the zodiac at Esne, Egypt
from "la Description de l'Egypte".


The continent of Atlantis was an island
which lay, before the great flood,
in the area we now call the Atlantic Ocean.

So great an area of land,
that from her Western shores
those beautiful sailors journeyed
to the South and the North Americas with ease,
in their ships with painted sails.
To the East, Africa was her neighbor,
across a short strait of sea miles.

The great Egyptian age is but a remnant
of The Atlantian culture.
The antediluvian kings colonized the world
All the Gods who play in the mythological dramas
And all legends from all lands
were from fair Atlantis.

Knowing her fate,
Atlantis sent out ships to the far corners of the world.
On board were the Twelve:
The Poet,
the Physician,
the Farmer,
the Scientist,
The Magician
and the other so-called Gods of our legends.
Though Gods they were.

And as the elders of our time
choose to remain blind
Let us rejoice and let us sing
and dance and ring in the new
Hail Atlantis!

Donovan Leitch - "Atlantis"

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quiet discussion at Edfu Temple
View from under the Portico of the Temple at Edfu, Egypt
By David Roberts, 1849.