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Philae Temple
A re-creation of life at Philae Temple
from "la Description de l'Egypte"

Science today relies for it's precision on number and relationships of numbers. The great learning of the Ancient Egyptians was also based on number, but in a very different sense. To the Egyptian Adept number had inherent meaning, and the use of number in art and architecture was governed by the meaning the designer wished to establish.

The ultimate teaching of ancient Egyptian science concerned the Primordial Scission, the original break in the previously unformed cosmos - the beginning of the Universe. This separation allowed the birth of identity, and thus awareness. While modern science tries to conceive of the "Big Bang" and the Bible speaks of separating the light from the darkness, the Egyptians were more precise.

An equal division would be static, unchanging. The Egyptians believed the Primordial Scission was in the Phi ratio - what artists call the Golden Section.

Phi ("φ") is an irrational number, a number that slips between the ordinary numbers of our system and thus cannot be written exactly. Phi is about 1.6180339... . A progression in the ratio of one to Phi is a repeating series where each number is a reflection and a growth upon the previous two. The Fibonacci series (1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89 .....) is an approximation of Phi.

In mathematical terms: for a line AC there is a point B on AC where AC/BC = BC/AB. Phi can be derived by adding one to the square root of five and halving the result. The lines of a star inscribed in a pentagon divide the lines they intersect into segments of the Phi ratio.

Thus 5 was the sacred number of the Egyptians, 5 defined the Beginning and all the Universe was ultimately grounded in 5. The Pythagoreans who followed took the five pointed star as their secret symbol.

The Egyptians were enchanted with the importance of number ratios. All perfect geometric solids (natural crystalline structures) can be formed by using only Pi ("π"), Phi and the square roots of two, three and five. These ratios are the basis of harmony in music and art and to the Egyptians harmony was Truth.

"It is this web of interaction, this vast complex of harmonies, that we respond to as 'the world' -- in this case the physical world which is but one (the tangible, perceivable) aspect of the spiritual world, or world of consciousness. The key to this harmonic world is number, and the means by which number is to be understood is geometry." - John Anthony West: "The Serpent in the Sky", page 76

Moustafa Gadalla
Ancient Egypt, an exploration of the multi sided culture of sacred science and art.
"The totality of the Egyptian civilization was built upon a complete and precise understanding of universal laws. This profound understanding manifested itself in a consistent, coherent and interrelated system, where art, science, philosophy and religion were intertwined, and were employed simultaneously in a single organic Unity." quote from website
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The famous Zodiac of Dendera
The Zodiac of Dendera
from "la Description de l'Egypte"

Elisabeth Haich
Deep insight into Ancient Egyptan Sacred Geometry. Her book "Initiation" is beyond powerful. Well written but difficult for beginners. Review with generous excerpts: (you may have to scroll down a little)
Deep Secrets
a website about the golden section and how the Egyptians could have derived it.
Livio C. Stecchini
The history of measurment - The ancients attempted to use units of measurement that reflected basic cosmic harmonies, a valuable idea. Stecchini believes our modern measurements echo the ancient ones, but we have forgotten their meaning.
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The valley temple of Ramses II
Valley Temple of Pharaoh Rameses II on the west bank of the Nile, near Thebes
By David Roberts, 1849

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