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Introduction: Ascending Passage Home Page

Grand Tour:
Pyramids and Sphinx
Hathor Temple at Dendera
Dendera Zodiac
The Black Cubit
Excavation of Luxor
Karnac at Sunset
Karnac at Night
Karnac by Day
Lion Goddess Sekhet-Sekhmet
The Colossi of Memnon
The Ramesseum
The Temple of Queen Hatshepsut at Deir el Bahari
The Temple of Mentuhotep II at Deir el Bahari
tomb of Seti I
Valley of the Kings
Pharaoh Amenophis' tomb
The Pharaoh's Crypt
Queens' Secrets
Queen Nefertari
Hermonthis / Armant
Akhenaten and Nefertiti
The Temple at Edfu
The Quaries at Silsilis
Kom Ombo
Kardassy Qertassi Temple
The great Temple of Kalabsha
Dendur (Dandour) Temple - now in New York City.
Hassaya Amada Temple
Abu Simbel Temple of Queen Nefertari
Abu Simbel Temple of Pharaoh Rameses
Abu Simbel: Inside the Pharaoh's Temple
Pyramids of Meroe
Mysteries in Stone
Sacred Science

Scribe's Tour:
Asyut and Beni Hasan
Hermopolis Magna
Osirion at Abydos
Monuments of Abydos
Khonsu Temple at Karnak
Medinet Habu
Deir el Medina
Deir el Medina Tombs
Seti I's Temple at Thebes
Artist techniques in the Tomb of Seti I
Valley of Kings Photos
The Temple at Dabod
Taffa Temple
The Temple of Beit el Wali
The Lost Temple at Gerf Hussein
el Dakke Temple
Wady Meharakka temple
El Seboua Lion Temple
el Derr Temple east
el Lessiya Temple
Amara West Temple
Samne Temple
Semna and Kumma
Soleb Temple
Kush at Gebel Barkal
Exploring Egypt
Religion of Ancient Egypt
Sun and Sky Gods
Story of the Phoenix
The Egyptian Book of the Dead: Commentary
Egyptian Book of the Dead: Text
Hermes Trismegistus "The Virgin of the World"
Egyptian Magic
"The Vision of Hermes Trismegistus"
"The Emerald Tablet"
Plato's Critias Excerpts
Plato's Timaeus Excerpts
Pharaoh (King) List Page 1
Pharaoh (King) List Page 2

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Scribes Tour
Scribe's Tour