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Introduction: Ascending Passage Home Page
Ancient Egyptian sites: Exploring Egypt
The Sphinx and the Pyramids: Giza
Giant monuments: Mysteries in Stone
The Symbolist view: Schwaller de Lubicz
Egyptian spirituality: Sacred Science
Theories of: Atlantis

The Ascending Passage: Library of Egyptian Secrets

The: Osirion at Abydos .

The Monuments of Abydos.

Pharaoh (King) List: Page 1
Pharaoh (King) List: Page 2

Plato's Critias Excerpts
Plato's Timaeus Excerpts

"The Wisdom of the Egyptians"
by Brian Brown
Chapter 1: History of Ancient Egypt
Chapter 2: Religion of Ancient Egypt
Chapter 3: Three Ancient Egyptian Books
Chapter 4: The Egyptian Book of the Dead
Chapter 5: Hermes Trismegistus "The Virgin of the World"
Chapter 6: Egyptian Magick
Chapter 7: "The Vision of Hermes Trismegistus"
Chapter 8: "The Story of the Book of Thoth"

New Kingdom Queens' Egyptian Beauty Secrets

"La Mort De Philae"
by Pierre Loti

CH. 01: Pyramids and Sphinx
CH. 02: Cairo Citadel
CH. 03: Cairo Mosques
CH. 04: Egyptian Museum Mummies
CH. 05: el Hazar College
CH. 06: the Serapeum
CH. 07: the Tombs of the Caliphs
CH. 08: a Coptic Church
CH. 09: traditional Egyptian life
CH. 10: Abydos
CH. 11: the Nile
CH. 12: the Hathor Temple at Dendera
CH. 13: Luxor
CH. 14: Karnac at Sunset
CH. 15: Karnac at Night
CH. 16: Karnac by Day
CH. 17: the Valley of the Kings
CH. 18: The Lion Goddess Sekhet-Sekhmet
CH. 19: Aswan
CH. 20: Philae

"The Spell of Egypt" (excerpts)
by Robert Hichens

CH. 9: The Colossi of Memnon
CH. 11: The Ramesseum
CH. 12: The Temple of Queen Hatshepsut at Deir-el-Bahari
CH. 14: The Temple at Edfu

"Travels in Nubia"
excerpts by John Lewis Burckhardt

CH. 01: The Temple of Dabod
CH. 02: Kardassy Qertassi Temple
CH. 03: Taffa Temple
CH. 04: The Temple of Beit el Wali
CH. 05: The Temple of Kalabsha
CH. 06: Dendur Dandour Temple
CH. 07: The Temple at Gerf Hussein
CH. 08: Dakke el Dakka Temple
CH. 09: Wady Meharakka Korty temple
CH. 10: El Sebua Seboua Temple
CH. 11: Hassaya Amada Temple
CH. 12: el Derr Temple east
CH. 13: el Lessiya Fereyg
CH. 14-A: Abu Simbel Queen Nefertari
CH. 14-B: Abu Simbel Ramesses
CH. 15: Amara West Temple
CH. 16: Samne
CH. 17: Soleb Temple

Kush at Gebel Barkal
The Pyramids of Meroe.htm

discovery of the tomb of Seti I
Artist techniques in the Tomb of Seti I

Akhenaten and Nefertiti