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The Valley of the Kings
Tombs of New Kingdom Pharaohs
some photos

From the Yorck project, CreativeCommons.

The tomb of Senofer
Photograph by Underwood, 1904

From the tomb of Thutmoses IV
photograph by Hajor, CreativeCommons.

The Tomb of Prince Mentuherkhepsef,
photograph by kairoinfo4u.

The tomb of Horemheb
Photographs by Jean Pierre Dalbera, CreativeCommons.

From the tomb of 18th dynasty Pharaoh Thutmose III.
The art of this tomb includes selections
from the books "Amduat" and "The Litany of Ra"
written in the simple cursive style used on papyrus
with amusing stick-figure images of the gods.

The Tomb of Siptah, near Thebes.
Hand colored photograph from the
"Book of the Dead and Elysian Fields".

 the famous harpers from the valley of the Kings   the other wall painting relief of a harp player 
Painted relief carvings of Harpers in the Valley of the Kings,
from "la Description de l'Egypte".

Artist techniques
in the Tomb of Seti I

wings of the Sun.

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