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Temple at Karnac
Where Warriors Gather

Great mounds of sand in Khons Temple, Thebes.

Khonsu (Khons) is the male side of night, a Moon god with teeth. From the Moon, his influence ranged to childbirth and protection from hidden things in the night. His cult centered around Memphis, Hibis, Edfu and this temple at Karnak.

The Khonsu Temple was part of the complex of temples called Karnak, in ancient Thebes, that rose in the New Kingdom. Khonsu was built by pharaoh Ramesses III (ruled 1183-1152 BC), although earlier temple(s) have been found at the site. The temple is located on the Northern end of a two mile avenue of sphinxes, a procession route connecting Karnac to Luxor. The Great Gateway was built by Ptolemy III (ruled 246 - 222 BC), much later, when Karnak and Thebes were half-abandoned.

Khonsu Temple, Thebes
Hand Painted Photograph, 1907.

Khonsu Temple, Karnak, Thebes
photograph by Henri Bechard, 1887

Rows of giant sphinxes line the road to Karnac.
Avenue of Sphinxes leading to the Great Gateway
and Khons Temple at Karnak
by Hector Horeau, 1841.


Photograph by Gaston Maspero, 1910.

Additional image on this page by Hector Horeau.

wings of the Sun.

Khonsu is part of the complex of temples at Karnac

Pharaoh Ramesses III had a palace and temple on the opposite side of the Nile:
Medinet Habu

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